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Fleet of Trucks

More than 85% of our clients are home on the weekends! We specialize in  route planning and lane specialization to make sure we are finding loads that fit your needs. We understand which lanes pay the best, and we optimize those lanes for the best results. 


Running a trucking company is expensive! Operating costs are high, and time is critical. That is why we offer a service to connect you with the best Factoring Services to get Same Day Funding on your completed loads! We also can help you stay on top of your expenses and reports with our bookkeeping service!

InMotion Dispatch has helped hundreds of carriers with dispatch services. We provide a top-tier load finding service that is built around relationships. We understand your business goals, and we use our network to help you reach them.  

Route Planning

InMotion Dispatch has created an industry leading cost per mile calculator. We use that calculator to figure out what your bottom dollar is to run the truck, and reach your goals. We then track every load in our Transportation Management System (TMS) and give bi-weekly updates to how our team is performing against your expectations. 

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