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Freight Factoring


Freight Factoring, also known as Invoice Factoring allows you to get paid right away for your work! Once the load is delivered you sell the invoice to a factoring company, they buy it for a small fee and provide you the cash flow necessary to operate your trucking business. 

In general, most brokers are Net 30 payment terms. If you wait 30 days for your invoice to pay, you will still incur fuel expenses, maintenance, tires, payroll, and more. If you choose to factor you can get paid each time you deliver and build up cash reserves!

Non Recourse Factoring! That is what our partner offers! Non Recourse Factoring means that if the broker or shipper does not pay the factoring company, there is no charge back to you for that invoice! 

Why Factor With Our Partner? 

  • Non- Recourse Factoring, No Chargebacks

  • Flexible Programming, Only Factor the Invoice You Choose

  • Low Rates! If you work with brokers that pay in 30 days you can qualify for rates starting at about 2%

  • Full Service Billing: They invoice the broker, so you don't have to

  • No Minimums

  • Contract Buyouts! They will buy out your current factoring contract

  • Equipment Financing Help

  • Insurance Financing Help

  • Short Term Loans

  • No Set Up Fees

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