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At InMotion Dispatch, we provide trucking companies with a reliable and efficient way to manage their business on the road. We are a full-service freight dispatching company that specializes in meeting the needs of trucking companies of all sizes and types.

Our team of experienced dispatchers is here to help trucking companies stay organized and on track, while ensuring that all communication standards are met with the brokers and shippers. We provide our customers with the support they need to ensure that their business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Why use InMotion Dispatch?

  • More Profitable Loads!

    • Our team will do a cost per mile analysis to make sure every load we book is profitable for your business​

  • Less Hassle For You!

  • We Help Secure Contracted Freight!

    • 85% of our clients get a dedicated lane within 6 months of working with us​

  • Over 10 Years of Industry Experience

  • We study the markets, lanes, and commodities

  • We Never Force Dispatch

  • No contract! Use us when you obligation!

  • Load planning, we can plan out a whole week around what you want to do

  • Weekly dispatch reports with miles and revenue breakdowns

  • Electronic log assistance and hours of services planning

  • Minimize deadheads and wait time between loads

  • We do invoicing, carrier packets, negotiations and take broker calls

  • We help establish dedicated freight with brokers

  • Factoring & Invoice Submission

  • Over the road support

  • Gives your business a professional appearance

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