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Why hire an independent dispatcher?

  • More Profitable Loads!

  • Less Hassle For You!

  • We Help Secure Contracted Freight!

  • Over 10 Years of Industry Experience

  • We study the markets, lanes, and commodities

  • We Never Force Dispatch

  • No contract! Use us when you obligation!

  • Load planning, we can plan out a whole week around what you want to do

  • Weekly dispatch reports with miles and revenue breakdowns

  • Electronic log assistance and hours of services planning

  • Minimize deadheads and wait time between loads

  • We do invoicing, carrier packets, negotiations and take broker calls

  • We help establish dedicated freight with brokers

  • Factoring & Invoice Submission

  • Over the road support

  • Gives your business a professional appearance

How do we find loads?

  • Contacts we have made from working in the industry

    • ​We get contacted about loads before they go on the load board​

  • Daily email load lists from brokers for dry van loads, reefer loads, flatbed loads, power only loads, and more. 

  • Loadboards: DAT Loadboard, Truckstop Loadboard,and others

  • Repeat work from brokers

  • Some direct shipper contacts 

We specialize in dispatching:

  • New FMCSA Entrants, Established, and Reinstated Authorities

  • Flatbeds, Step Decks, Hotshots

  • Power Only

  • Dry Vans

  • Reefers

  • RGN

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