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Compliance Application

Power of Attorney

The undersigned, as owner of the above named business, does hereby designate and appoint Power of Attorney to inMotion Advisory to act as Attorney-in-Fact for the following purposes: To prepare, sign and submit documents and payments pertaining to obtaining or updating motor carrier authority, permits, licenses, Tax ID information, and related items, as requested by the undersigned.  

This Power of Attorney is canceled 90 dats after the date below

Heavuest Vehicle (GVW includes truck, trailer & load)
Cargo Classification Types

Safety Certification (for vehicle-operating applicants only)


If you will operate vehicles of more than 10,000 pounds GVWR and are, thus, subject to pertinent portions of the U.S. DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) at 49 CFR, Chapter 3, Subchapter B (Parts 350-399), you must certify as follows:

Applicant has access to and is familiar with all applicable U.S. DOT regulations relating to the safe operation of commercial vehicles and the safe transportation of hazardous materials and it will comply with these regulations. In so certifying, applicant is verifying that, at a minimum, it:

  • Has in place a system and an individual responsible for ensuring overall compliance with FMCSRs;

  • Can produce a copy of the FMCSRs and the Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations;

  • Has in place a driver safety training/orientation program;

  • Has prepared and maintains an accident register (49 CFR Part 390.15);

  • Is familiar with DOT regulations governing driver qualifications and has in place a system for overseeing driver qualification requirements (49 CFR Part 391);

  • Has in place policies and procedures consistent with DOT regulations governing driving and operational safety of motor vehicles, including drivers’ hours of service and vehicle inspection, repair, and maintenance (49 CFR Parts 392, 395, and 396);

  • Is familiar with and will have in place on the appropriate effective date, a system for complying with U.S. DOT regulations governing alcohol and controlled substances testing requirements (49 CFR Part 382 and 49 CFR Part 40).

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